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Golden Teachers?are a favorite among all psychedelic enthusiasts. They originated in the 1980?s, and have become very popular since. The large stems and golden caps, with specks of yellow, make it a very recognizable species. It is known to be highly potent, with good visuals and euphoric effects.

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Golden teachers mushrooms are a favorite among psychedelic enthusiasts. They were discovered in the 1980s, and have grown popular up to now.

Its large stems, golden caps, and yellow speckles make it a very recognizable species.

It is a highly potent psychedelic mushroom that induces excellent hallucinations and euphoric effects.

What are Golden Teacher Shrooms?

The golden teacher mushroom strain of psilocybe cubensis is psychedelic fungi highly sought by shroomers and growers alike.

The strain is extra magical because of its unknown origin. It is a relatively new mushroom discovered in the 80s seemingly out of nowhere, with some accounts believing it was first seen in Florida.

Golden teachers have larger stems and caps that can go up to five centimeters in diameter.

Its name comes from its golden caps and the wise teachings it gives its users.

It is straightforward to cultivate as it can survive almost any condition.

A feeling of enlightenment

Psychonauts love the teacher because the psychedelic experiences and journeys with the shroom usually leave a profound impact.

Spirit healers use Golden teacher shrooms as entheogens for restoring the mind and spirit.

When taking this item, expect to have a visionary experience supplemented by waves of universal energy that surges through your being alongside intense open and closed eye hallucinations.

Its name, ?Golden Teacher,? comes from the magic mushroom?s capability to teach and give wisdom by providing new and different psychedelic experiences shroomers.

It gives an experience that seems to unravel the mysteries of the universe before you.

It feels as if your spirit is disconnected from your body, and you are given a field trip around the whole universe.

A potent shroom

The dosage for a decent trip can be between 1.5g to 2.5g, depending on your level. Remember that this is a very potent shroom, and you need a sitter to watch over you, especially when you?re a beginner.

Consult an expert or an experienced user when planning on microdosing with the teacher and always make sure you are safe if you want to have a trip.


Do shrooms show up in drug tests?

Mushrooms do not show up on the standard routine drug tests. However, specific specialized tests might detect psilocybin.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in shrooms, and it generally won?t show up on a 5-panel test and not even in 12-panel tests.

However, there are specialized tests designed to detect psilocybin in your body. They costly to perform, and they are not generally used unless there is a significant suspicion.

Where to buy shrooms?

There are dispensaries, shops, and individual shroom farmers and hunters who sell shrooms physically and digitally in countries where the use is legal.

The best entities to buy from are those duly licensed and trusted by experienced shroomers.

Remember that shrooms can be laced with other drugs, and you have to make sure that you are getting products from entities that you can trust.

Look out for reviews and recommendations and check your supplier?s track record to ensure you are getting the real deal.

CS provides the best variety of shrooms and psilocybin products, and you can depend on us that you are getting safe psychedelics.

How to identify magic mushrooms?

Identifying magic mushrooms can be hard as some fungi species tend to look highly similar.

It is best to use books or catalogs that have clear pictures and descriptions.

One way is to take a picture of a mushroom in many angles and with proper lighting and uploading it on discussion boards specialized in identifying mushrooms.

This is highly important because there are dangerous poisonous mushrooms that can kill you.

The best way, however, of enjoying shrooms is to buy it from a trusted outlet. This way, you no longer need to hunt or farm ? these activities take a lot of time from busy people.

Save your energy and get shrooms from CS.

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